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Listen To Oswald And View His Computer Voice Stress Analysis Results!

Below are several of the New Orleans and Dallas audio samples and charts from the first-ever CVSA examination of Lee Harvey Oswald.  See all the charts in "Malcontent".

Oswald Admits He Is a Marxist

CVSA Marxist.jpg

Oswald Lying About His Marine Corps Rank

Oswald provides a brief history of his background and states that he achieved the rank of "Buck Sergeant" in the USMC.  The CVSA results show obvious deception.  Oswald never achieved the rank higher than Private First Class.

LHO Marines.jpg

Oswald Claims He Has Been Denied Legal Representation

Oswald claims to the media that he has been denied legal representation.  During interrogation breaks, Oswald made two phone calls to John J. Abt, the lead attorney for the Communist Party USA.  Oswald could not get ahold of Abt and Oswald twice called an acquaintance, Ruth Paine, and asked her to contact Abt.  Oswald's brother, Robert, visited Oswald in jail and volunteered to get an attorney for him, a request Oswald denied.  Additionally, the head of the Dallas Bar Association visited Oswald in jail and was convinced Oswald's legal rights were being protected.  The CVSA shows deception.

LHO Legal Representation.jpg

Oswald Declares "I'm Just A Patsy."

This is the most often-cited utterance from Lee Harvey Oswald in custody.  Oswald's entire statement was: "No, they have taken me in because of the fact that I lived in the Soviet Union.  I'm just a patsy!"  The United States and Russia were in the throes of the Cold War.  LHO was not stating he was a patsy in the assassination, but rather that he was singled out only because he had a previous residence in the Soviet Union, the arch enemy of the United States.  The CVSA result shows obvious deception.  

Oswald Patsy_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Oswald States Reporters First Asked Him About JFK Murder Involvement

LHO states during his midnight press conference that the first time he heard about the JFK assassination was when the newspaper reporters in the hall asked him if he was responsible.  The CVSA results showed obvious and numerous deception.  In fact, Oswald had been interviewed for several hours by law enforcement who specifically asked him if he murdered JFK and Officer Tippit.  This was well before the reporters in the police headquarters hallway asked him if he killed President Kennedy.

Oswald First Time_edited_edited.jpg

Oswald Denies Killing JFK

Oswald is queried by a reporter: "Did you kill the President?"  Oswald replies, in part, "No, I have not been charged with that, in fact nobody has said that to me yet..."  The CVSA shows deception on the word "No".

OSwald Denies JFK_edited_edited.jpg

The first chart below is from George O'Toole's 1975 book, The Assassination Tapes.  O'Toole use the Psychological Stress Evaluator, PSE, for this exam.  The problem is, unlike the CVSA, the speed of the PSE can be manipulated during examination and the results skewed.  Mode A is for female voices, as they do not contain bass, and Mode B is for male voices.  O'Toole used Mode A for his chart. O'Toole was not certified in the PSE, only completing a three-day orientation course.

O'Toole PSE Oswald Chart_edited.jpg

Above is a PSE chart generated in 2019 by Jerry Crotty of NITV Federal Services. Just as O'Toole had done, Crotty manipulated the speed of the PSE, using Mode A instead of the correct Mode B.  Crotty was able to recreate a chart similar to O'Toole's results, proving that O'Toole used the wrong Mode during his PSE examination. 

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